A new level of elegance to outdoor living with UPM ProFi Floor

(UPM, Helsinki, 2 April 2014) An elegant, marble patterned UPM ProFi Floor composite tile brings new look to balconies and terraces at home. A beautiful stone-like surface feels warm to bare feet. It is easy to install and remove as required.

UPM ProFi Floor has been designed by the renowned Finnish Artek STUDIO.

Made from advanced composite

The beautiful looking, square formed tiles are made from the same advanced composite as UPM ProFi Deck. The surface has good friction properties, both in wet and dry conditions. Furthermore, the tiles have good impact strength and a high scratch resistance. Thanks to a patented technology the composite material has a superior stain resistance, too. Liquid spills like wine and food oil can be easily cleaned from the surface.

”Our composite material is a result of long-term research and development which is a continuous process. Designers from all over the world have been inspired to work with the material. Beautifully shaped UPM ProFi Floor tiles bring outdoor design to a new level”, says Mr. Markku Koivisto, Vice President, UPM Biocomposites.

Approximately half of UPM ProFi Floor raw materials are recycled fibres and polymers. The tiles are non-toxic and after a long lifecycle they can be incinerated or disposed of with the household waste. The tiles are manufactured in Finland.

Easy to install

UPM ProFi Floor is quick and easy to install. Just place the tiles on a firm flat surface and join together with patented X-Clips. The tiles can be connected at the corners or in the middle of each side, enabling different laying options. You can use normal woodworking tools if you need to cut the tiles for an exact fit. Changes in design and removal is easy. Thanks to the simple installation system and advanced material properties UPM ProFi Floor is a good solution for shops, show rooms and fair stands as well.

UPM ProFi Floor tiles are available in three colours: Night Sky Black, Stone Grey and Marble White. Please visit www.upmprofi.com to check your nearest distributor.

UPM ProFi Floor product information

- size of the tile: 400x400 mm, thickness 28 mm
- material: biocomposite, main raw material recycled paper and plastic
- material properties:
- stone-like surface which feels warm for bare feet
- high friction both wet and dry
- superior stain resistance
- recycled and recyclable
- maintenance: regular cleaning with water and brush
- installation and de-installation: quick and easy to install and de-install with X-Clips
- price and availability: please check the price and availability from your local distributor

UPM Biocomposites business develops, manufactures, markets, and sells high-quality UPM ProFi composite products for outdoor end uses and UPM Formi granulates for injection moulding and extrusion production. UPM Biocomposites factories are located in Finland and Germany. UPM Biocomposites is part of UPM’s new businesses. www.upmformi.com, www.upmprofi.com