UPM ProFi - WPC decking material for professional installers & landscapers

​UPM ProFi total support for professional installers includes advanced installation training, on-line database of approved installers, technical support service, sample materials, brochures and image library, web based deck planner tool, and product warranties for WPC decking backed by a company with sales of more than 10 billion Euros and over 21 000 employees.

All UPM ProFi products have been designed to withstand the elements. Unlike traditional WPC decking products the surface is closed (not brushed) and the fibres are fully encapsulated.

This results in superior resistance to moisture absorption and stains. However, unlike pure plastic capped boards, UPM ProFi products are protected to the core and feel much more natural to the touch.

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UPM ProFi ​WPC decking products

The Design Decking range offers a clean stone like look for enabling a fresh and modern style. The range features

  • Closed surface stain resistance
  • Lignin free colour durability
  • Technical grade polypropylene offering superior impact and scratch resistance
  • Zero degree incline installation
  • Engineered profile: optimal strength to weight ratio
  • Good friction, wet or dry
  • Recycled, recyclable & PVC free
  • Independent quality assurance and international awards

UPM ProFi Deck is the premium product within the Design Deck Range. Other products include UPM ProFi Terrace, UPM ProFi Patio, UPM ProFi Terra.

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The luxurious look and feel of tropical hardwood is the hall mark of UPM ProFi’s Classic Decking range. The range features

  • Luxurious hardwood look & feel
  • Superior stain resistance
  • High impact strength
  • Good friction, wet or dry
  • Zero degree incline possible
  • Recycled, recyclable & PVC free
  • Independent quality assurance and international awards

The Classic Range includes UPM ProFi Lifecycle made from American Red and White Oak fibres and UPM ProFi Veranda made from the lignin free cellulose fibres.

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In addition to the WPC decking range offered, the UPM ProFi range includes a full range of deck accessories, a high performance fencing system, ultra-low maintenance façade, and a designer floor tile system that is extremely fast to install.

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The UPM ProFi Professional Installer Programme is designed to share best practice and advanced installation techniques of WPC decking amongst skilled installers. Additionally, the programme seeks to direct interested home owners and project specifiers towards trained installers. 

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Whilst the installation of WPC decking is similar in many respects to timber decking, there are important differences. UPM ProFi’s installation home page includes videos, diagrams and written instructions that cover all the critical aspects of normal deck installation.
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UPM ProFi’s range of WPC decking products has been designed to be ultra-low maintenance. All the products have a closed surface, total encapsulation due to the correct fibre: polymer ratio, and strong UV protection.

Unlike timber, there is no need for sanding, oiling or varnishing. However as with other exterior building materials a certain level of maintenance and cleaning is recommended.

Normally it is enough to clean the surface periodically with a jet spray or a hose and brush. It is also important to keep the deck well ventilated from all sides by avoiding the build-up of debris on and under the deck. (UPM ProFi’s Alu Rail and Rubber Strip prevent debris falling between the deck boards).

Detailed information concerning normal care and maintenance can be found via the links below.
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UPM ProFi WPC decking products are designed and manufactured in Finland, Germany and USA. They have been engineered to perform and last in the toughest environments. UPM ProFi composite deckings have been successfully installed from the arctic cold of Finnish Lapland to the searing heat of Dubai. The products are covered by a warranty that guarantees the structural integrity over a period of years that depends on the product and the application. Full details of the warranty can be found from UPM ProFi’s distributor partners.

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​UPM - The Biofore Company

​UPM is a global company at the forefront of the new forest industry. In 2013, UPM's sales exceeded € 10 billion. UPM is present in 65 countries and has production plants in 14 countries. The company employs approximately 21,000 people worldwide. UPM shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki stock exchange.
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